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Privacy Commitments

We at, Shinhan Bank, are committed towards providing the world class financial services to its all valuable customers and there by invigorating the financial liberation of all our customers. Our sole aim is to benefit our customers on real time basis without any imperceptible lacunae. Therefore, we are dedicated towards protecting your private and confidential data and take privy for that.

We , at Shinhan , has taken adequate and impenetrable measures to protect your data including the usage of latest technology for data encryption. Nature of data is being procured by Shinhan from all its customers using this website facility.

Shinhan Bank and its affiliated associates collect data that are relevant and is required on need-to-recognize basis to identify the customer. The customers should provide the requested data which is mentioned by the customer while opting for this facility at Bank at the time of account , if no changes are made in the data. If any changes are made by the customer and duly informed and confirmed to Shinhan Bank , latest data can be used after appropriate modification

Purpose of this website and how the data collected through this website is intended to be used.

Shinhan Bank and its affiliated associates use this data solely for identification purpose and never uses for any other purpose apart from this. Shinhan Bank solely concierge this website to facilitate, empower and educate you, our valuable customers. By accessing and using our site , you agree to our terms and conditions and all laws set by Shinhan Bank , with any limitation or disqualification. Shinhan Values.

  • Shinhan Bank and its affiliated associates protects / safeguards the customer data with utmost security features and is dedicated to protect the customer information from any risk from Shinhan side.
  • We, at Shinhan, value and respect customers privacy and intends to use the data collected solely for the betterment of our services to our all customers.
  • Shinhan also takes pride to provide our customer with this website which enables them to use it for financial transactions of both financial (transfer) and non financial.
  • Shinhan Bank also empowers its customers with a security card which enables and helps customer to do a transaction in a secure way on web based services.

Customer confidentiality obligations- Shinhan Bank shall always protect the customer interest and shall keep confidentiality of customer personal information. However such information may be divulged to third parties on exceptions under circumstances which are well defined. The following exceptions are:

  • Where the disclosure is under compulsion of law
  • Where there is a duty to the public to disclose
  • Where the interest of the Bank requires disclosure

Shinhan Disclaimer

Shinhan Bank and its affiliated associate shall not be held responsible for disclosure of the confidential data , in accordance to this privacy statement or under any agreement , if any , with the customer. Customers are required to cooperate and shall safeguards all the private and confidential data received from the Shinhan Bank with utmost sincerity.

Customers are required to protect their data and are bound to safe guard their personal data. They shall not disclose the important and confidential data like password and other decisive data to anybody at any point of time even to Shinhan Bank officials. Shinhan Bank should not be held responsible, in any ways, for any delinquency or lacunae from customers end in protecting their data from being compromised.

Customers are required to choose a password which should be convenient to them but not easy for other guess. It should be a blend of alphanumeric and special characters which marks it difficult to guess. Customer should not to disclose his security card details. Customers should refrain from accessing the Shinhan internet banking website from public network usage such internet cafes etc as these are vulnerable for compromising.

Customers shall use the data downloaded from the Shinhan website solely for his personal usage and shall refrain from the distributing, modifying , transmitting, reusing or reporting any document, logo, audio and video for any commercial purpose without Shinhan Bank's permission. Any breach in shall be subjected to immediate termination of services, followed by further legal proceeding.

Any issue /complaint or change in any details by the customers should be brought to Shinhan Bank's notice immediately by the customers through the nearest branch.

We wish you a successful and happy lifelong association with the Shinhan Bank.

Limited Warranty

This has reference to the Banking transactions done via electronic media like internet banking, Customer instructions received via Fax email, wherein Shinhan Bank is required to further process the said transactions through its network, RBI networks like RTGS network, NEFT Network, CTS Network, Cheque Clearing, ECS etc. In such case, Shinhan Bank will process the transactions to its earnest effort and would ensure the said transaction is put through the desired banking network. However, Shinhan Bank shall not be held responsible if the said transaction has not been effected, due to failure of regulator networks, or nation wide network failure or bank strikes, called upon by various instutions, floods, earthqakes or like wise.

Shinhan Bank shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performance by the beneficiary bank / RBI or any other counter party or any system utilized for any reason whatsoever.

In the case of RTGS outward transmission, the Customer will have to understand and acknowledge that Shinhan Bank does not make any manner of warranty nor does it guarantee the final credit to be received by the beneficiary within a stipulated time and for the full amount and we further understand that the same shall be governed by stipulated norms and regulations of RBI and practices of beneficiary bank.

External Links Disclaimer

We are not responsible for the information collected by non-Shinhan Bank link you click to from our web pages. We cannot guarantee how these third parties use cookies or whether they place on your computer cookies that may identify you personally.

We urge you to review the privacy policies of each of the links websites you visit before you provide them with any personally identical information.

Shinhan Bank has no responsibility for any external Web Site. It neither endorses the information, content, presentation, or accuracy nor makes any warranty, express or implied, regarding any external site.

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