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Our Mascots – Shinhan Friends

Travel Writer ‘SOL’ - Sol, is the brave traveller of the North Star who enjoys travelling all over the universe! Sol's blog [Walking into space] was recently ranked the #1 blog you must refer to when travelling. [Eat, Love, Travel], a book about travel, is said to be a bestseller in the travel book category.

The destination for Sol, a professional travel writer who loves travel and adventure, is none other than Earth! Unlike other stars, he has always been curious about the Earth, which shines exceptionally blue. Aren't you curious about Sol's earth travelogue? Who loves travel and adventure?

MOLI', the laid-back owner of the Botanical Café - Moli, the plant butler who is always laid back and carefree.

It is said that they are often mistaken for seals because of their exceptionally round body when meditating and photosynthesizing. Moli, who is especially good at raising plants, recently opened a plant cafe near Oreum in Jeju. Why don't you enjoy true relaxation while drinking high-quality hand-drip coffee brewed by Moli?

Artist ‘RINO’. Little artist Rino always draws something quietly.

Recently, rumors are circulating that the artist who leaves graffiti under the stage name ‘Mr. Bank’ is RINO!

On weekends, they say he gets his inspiration by busily wandering around large and small art museums to develop their artistic sense. Rino's dream is to one day make all the people of the world happy with his paintings.

Shy digital creator ‘SHOO’. Shu is usually timid and doesn't talk much. However, on social media, the world has changed 180 degrees and is active as an active sub!

Mukbang, which started as a favorite of eating at home alone, has now become Shoo's most popular content.

He's very shy, so he hides behind his tail when someone approaches (he thinks others won't see him). He dreams of becoming a creator who can give hope and comfort to his friends who are more comfortable alone.

We Will Rock You! 3-member rock band 'DO RE MI.' The triplets, who look alike and have similar personalities, are the very nature of the stage in Heungbuja. 'Do,' a guitar player with fast finger movements, 'Le,' a power vocalist who can reach up to 9 octaves; Drummer' Me' who plays with the beat; the triplets are currently active in the 'Do-Re-Mi Band.'

They are receiving a lot of attention worldwide, but they say they are worried because their ability to make music is not improving. Aren't you looking forward to the music Doremi and Lay make together?

They are the twin surfers of the beach, ‘LULU LALA’. They are always fun and happy twin seals, Ruru and Lara.

Ruru-Ra, who loves the sea so much, goes up on a rock on a sunny day and rolls around to get a tan. I also enjoy riding the waves with surfers in Jeju Island and Yangyang, Gangwon Province.

I like making necklaces out of seashells I collect at the beach and giving them to my friends.

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